Move your audience to action to generate profound impact and revenue growth.

Freya is a customer intelligence algorithm that assists you in uncovering what actions will change market behaviours using cognitive science and behavioural economics.

Freya identifies
the triggers that influence customer behaviour, helping:

Sales teams increase revenue, optimize their performance, and exceed quotas.

Marketing teams increase market share, create deeper relationships with your audience, and improve campaign ROI.


Freya Use Cases


Accelerated adoption

Freya will support you mapping the emotional journey your customers must travel, from the first time they feel a need to the moment they become raving fans of your offerings.

You will remove obstacles among this journey and accelerate the rate at which you create new customers: reduce Customer Acquisition Cost, improve Conversions and Win Rates.


Engagement & Loyalty

Freya will help you uncover exactly what makes your customers derive value, and how you can help them create habits that stick around your offerings.

You will improve Net Promoter Score, Retention, and reduce Service and Support Costs.


Cross Selling & Upselling

Freya will help you unlock the maximum revenue potential your customers have by determining underserved, unmet, and implicit needs. You will seamlessly connect additional and upgraded offerings, thus increasing Lifetime Value, Order Value, and Revenue, driving Customer Acquisition Cost savings.

Freya in Action


Increase for Customer Acquisition Rates for an European Insurance Company


Revenue expansions for an International Employee Benefits Company

End-to-end solution

Determine the KPI you want to improve.

We collect, analyse and enrich behavioural data.

The algorithm determines behavioural segments & triggers.
We test multiple intervention scenarios.
You receive validated
interventions, with proven results.

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